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Joe Parker

When not cruising or racing, Joe, an active GLCC member, has worked as a rigger and a sail consultant, plus in countless other aspects of boat construction and maintenance for nearly forty years. He owns and operates Bay Boat Works, his rigging shop and is a partner in Parker Sailing Consultants with his son Brad providing services for sailors buying a new boat, refitting or repairing their boat.

Joe and his wife Debbie have been sailing together since 1977. They have sailed most of Lakes Huron and Michigan as well as much time in the North Channel. They have been active racers since 1978. Joe has sailed more than 25 Bayview Mac races and more than fifteen Chicago Mac races. They currently cruise on their restored 1968 Allied Seabreeze yawl Stardust.

Joe has worked in the marine industry as a rigger and sail consultant since 1982 and was a part of the Technical and management teams at Gougeon Brothers for about 25 years. Joe has presented technical and informative seminars at the annual IBEX (International Boatbuilders Exhibition) and ACMA (American Composites Fabricators Association) trade shows along with countless seminars at yacht clubs and trade events for about 35 years. His extensive background in boatbuilding, boat repair, restoration, rigging and sail handling equipment provides insight into the myriad details of boat and yacht maintenance.

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