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Cruising America's Great Loop - Part 2

Looking for the cruise of a lifetime? Do you dream of extending the short boating season of the Great Lakes? This refreshed 2024 Edition webinar will show how you can boat all year around by following the seasons along the Great loop. Join "Gold Loopers" and GLCCSchool instructors Deb and Mike Hervey as they share tips and suggestions to take the mystery out of the trip and provide the confidence for you to do the loop too.

Would you like to learn more about North America’s Great Loop? Maybe you’re planning on doing the Loop in the future and want some tips? Are you looking for a year-long cruise that will take you through canals, rivers, lakes, swamps, the Atlantic Ocean and even a ditch? Do you want an adventure of a lifetime filled with fun, challenges and camaraderie?

Join us for this two part webinar held on two evenings.  Part 1 will cover preparations for yourselves and your boat before undertaking this adventure of a lifetime.  Part 2 will cover the route and the Hervey's insights and perspectives to demystify the trip.

GLCC members and recent loopers Deb and Mike Hervey will answer many of the most common questions about the loop in this totally new GLCCSchool webinar: What is it like to live together on a boat for a year? How do you boat from Chicago to the Gulf of Mexico? What was your biggest Challenge? How does it feel to boat past the Statue of Liberty? Did you spend the winter in Florida on your own boat?

The 6000- mile loop circumnavigates the Eastern portion of the United States and portions of Canada. It generally takes about a year to complete. By completing the loop and crossing their wake at the Mackinac bridge where the trip had begun, they earned Gold Looper status awarded by the AGLCA (America's Great Loop Cruisers Association). They will be sharing tips and suggestions to take some of the mystery out of the trip to help gain the confidence for you to do the loop too.

Discover how the trip of a lifetime is within reach of most Great Lakes boaters. Learn how to break down the trip by season; and even into a series of day trips, to make it more manageable. Hear about the importance of partnership and teamwork as a boating couple to make sure the trip meets the expectations of each crew member. Learn why people who have completed the loop will refer to the many new lifelong friends as the most memorable reward of the trip. Who knows, this may be your next dream adventure!

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Meet The Instructor

Mike and Deb Hervey
Deb and Mike Hervey, with both sail and power experience as well as being both GLCC and AGLCA members, began their Great Loop travels in 2016. They received the Admiral Bayfield Award from the GLCC in 2023 for cruising all five of the Great Lakes. Hop aboard as they share their loop experience and planning.