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Amazing North Channel Geology for Cruisers

Join us on a journey from Thessalon to Collins Inlet to experience the amazing North Channel geology.

What made the North Channel into one of the premier cruising grounds in North America? The beauty of the North Channel is a result of billions of years of natural events and forces. By using digital geologic maps and photos of locations commonly visited by boaters, geologist and boater Steve Wyckoff will give an overview of the rocks types, geologic forces and geologic history of the area in an easy to understand format. After this webinar, if you are unlucky enough to hit a rock, you will at least know what kind it is!

Coming soon

This webinar is not open for registration yet, but will be soon. In the meantime, please check out our open classes.

Meet The Instructor

Steve Wyckoff
Steve is a retired teacher and Technology Director. He is a member, and former Commodore, of the Grand Traverse Yacht Club and has sailed the northern Great Lakes, the North Channel, parts of the Caribbean, and Washington’s San Juan Islands.