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Common Phrases with a Nautical Origin

Nautical terms and phrases have found their way into our everyday speech. Some everyday terms or phrases are part of our language without us knowing their nautical origin. How nautical are you?

English is full of nautical slang.

Many phrases and sayings that we use every day in the 21st Century have a nautical origin from the seafaring days of old. You might already be using many of these in your everyday conversations and not know the true meaning behind them.

Many nautical terms come from the British Royal Navy, where words and phrases were created to describe equipment or procedures onboard ships.

How nautical are you?

Find out if you are a Landlubber, Deck Hand, or an Old Salt?

Recording of SK00210-i: Common Phrases with a Nautical Origin
Recorded: Tuesday, December 5, 2023
Instructor: Steve Wyckoff

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Meet The Instructor

Steve Wyckoff
Steve is a retired teacher and Technology Director. He is a member, and former Commodore, of the Grand Traverse Yacht Club and has sailed the northern Great Lakes, the North Channel, parts of the Caribbean, and Washington’s San Juan Islands.