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Niels Jensen

Niels Jensen, originally from Denmark, is a past Commodore of the Great Lakes Cruising Club, past president of the Great Lakes Foundation as well, plus is GLCC Port Captain for Stockton Island on Lake Superior. His home cruising waters are western Lake Superior.

A journalist by trade, Niels' articles are frequently seen in the international boating press. He also writes for various non-boating publications, has authored several historical books, served as editor ofthe Great Lakes Cruising Club's Lifeline magazine for several years, and is a frequent speaker at various boating related events such as Strictly Sail. During the summers, he and his wife Vicki are most often found exploring their home waters of Lake Superior or other Great Lakes aboard their Pearson 36 cutter, Freelance.

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There are currents in all of the five Great Lakes, and the prevailing winds and outflow of water to the ocean affect these systems. Generally, the currents’ speed is estimated to be between one and four statute miles per hour. They are therefore significant to the movement and safety of today’s recreational boat traffic, and influence both passage times and fuel economy. People who engage in long-distance sailboat racing or cruising on the Great Lakes may find Great Lakes Currents of particular interest.
Lake Superior's South Shore is often a first time Lake Superior cruiser's introduction to the lake's expansive and varied cruising areas. Join GLCC Past Commodore Niels Jensen in this webinar updated for 2024, as he explores one of his favorite cruising areas.
The yachting center of Lake Superior combines over 600 square miles of pristine, protected, National Park island cruising with extensive services in several nearby towns, marinas, and the largest charter fleet in the Great Lakes.